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How to Sign Up for a U.S. iTunes Account

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Our most frequently asked question is “Can I use your card to set up a US iTunes account?” Each time we offer a resounding, “YES, you can!” The U.S. iTunes store has a much larger offering, which ranges from apps, eBooks, movies and TV shows, and anything in between. In turn, it’s likely no surprise Read More »

The New Surface Laptop…is it a Mac Killer?

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Microsoft revealed their latest addition to the Surface line, the Surface Laptop. It’s Microsoft’s first official laptop…with a battery life of 14 hours. Many of the complaints of the Surface Pro and Surfacebook have been battery life, with this new laptop those problems are a thing of the past. Did we mention the form factor Read More »

Live TV on YouTube? It’s New and it’s Awesome!

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Streaming Live TV in the U.S.  is becoming the status quo. It seems like there is a new Live TV Streaming service popping up every other month. This month Google has launched YouTube TV and it’s available only in the U.S. We’ll gladly walk you through the best features of YouTube TV and how to Read More »

Spy on Conversations Behind you with Wireless Earbuds?

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That is one of the incredibly unique features of the new Here One earbuds which just came to market. Competition is fierce in the space all competing to take a piece of Apple’s AirPods market now that iPhone’s no longer come with a headphone jack. Check out our analysis below on the two leaders in Read More »

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