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Making Money with US Unlocked!

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Here at US Unlocked we have new updates to share with everyone. We have been hard at work to make sure everything runs smoothly and everything is as close to perfect as possible. For new updates, we have recently released new payment methods, refer a friend, and an updated payout structure.

New Payment Methods

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Late last month we released 14 additional load methods for members:

Check out our blog on how to use the new methods.

Refer a Friend

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Our new feature allows members the chance to earn five dollars as well as their friends. It’s as simple as putting in a code or clicking a provided link, making sure they or you create an account and have a successful load to your account and then you both will earn an additional five dollars!

Check out our step by step Refer a Friend blog to learn more.

Affiliate Program

US Unlocked has an affiliate program for any person or business to earn commission by spreading the word of US Unlocked! We have an updated payout structure that we are very happy to announce. Here are some frequently asked questions about our affiliate program that includes our new payout structure.

How much money can be made as an affiliate of US Unlocked?

This varies by the successful number of Linked Members driven to USU! A Link customer is a user who signs up via your unique affiliate link and completes a load payment!

We have 2 tiers of US Unlocked Affiliates:

Standard Affiliate: 0-99 is $10 per Linked Members
Gold Affiliate: >100 is $15 per Linked Members

How do I qualify as an affiliate?

Typically, our rule of thumb is a reach of at least 10k potential customers through your network. This can be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram followers, or unique monthly page visitors.

How often to you do pay outs?

You control when you want to be paid out by requesting payment of your commission from your affiliate dashboard!

What means do you use to pay-out?

Most commonly we payout on your US Unlocked Card but we can also payout via ACH and PayPal.

Are there limitations or guidelines as to what I can write about US Unlocked?

Yes, there are strict guidelines as to what you can and cannot write about the US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards. All of the approved materials will be provided to you with your Affiliate Agreement.

Become an affiliate today!

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