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Great, Yet Unique Products at CES ‘18

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There are lots of fantastic products at CES this year. We’ve seen a TV that can span the length of a room wall, AR blasters, and a robot dog anyone can love. However, there are also products that are in a completely different class of their own. There are great products that can protect you and products that make life just a tad bit easier.


Gadgets that Protect

Helite Hip'Air and Invi Bracelet

Helite Hip’Air

  • The French company, Helite, developed a wearable airbag that helps prevent hip injury. The Hip’Air features sensors that can detect a fall, which in turn triggers the airbag to break the persons fall. We can expect the Hip’Air to officially launch in the US this fall (no pun intended).

Invi Bracelet

  • A bracelet that can be worn as a fashion statement doubles as a non-violent way to protect yourself. The Invi Bracelet releases a foul smell that is intended to scare away an attacker. The tactic is very similar to how skunks wards off their attackers.

Tech that makes life just a tad bit easier

ForwardX CX-1 and HiMirror Mini

ForwardX CX-1

  • Both hands-free and no need to pull on your carry-on. The smart luggage tracks your movements and can follow you at a top speed of 7 mph. However, if you get lost in a crowd, and your luggage can’t see you, the wristband you wear will help it find you.

HiMirror Mini

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, what skincare product should I buy for the ball? Please excuse our lousy attempt to introduce the HiMirror. The HiMirror Mini is a smart mirror with Alexa built in. The mirror can scan your face and keep track of your skincare goals. Also, due to the addition of Alexa, you can ask her to purchase your must-have concealer directly from Amazon without having to stop what you’re doing. The HiMirror Mini will be available this summer for $70.

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