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Preorders Using the USU Virtual Payment Cards

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Everybody has that item that they want to get on release day, whether its the newest Playstation 5 or the newest Apple product. With US Unlocked you can preorder all of your favorite items very easily and get them shipped straight to your door. Just follow the simple guidelines below!

Best Practices

The Merchant-Specific Card is the best for any type of preorder due to the fact that if there are multiple charges from the same merchant then the transaction will continue to pass through and be accepted.

If you were to use the One-Time Use Card and multiple charges were applied, only the first one would go through and all following transactions would decline. Here are some things to know with the Merchant-Specific Card.

  • Can be used as many times as you’d like with the same merchant.
  • Put a spending limit on the card! (Per charge, month or year)
  • Locked to the first merchant the card is authorized with, but cannot be used with any other merchant. This ensures that a breach at one merchant doesn’t put you at risk across the internet.
  • Once the card is locked to a merchant this card number stays the same.

Preorder From Your Favorite US Merchants

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